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Little Miss T

Hello and welcome to “Little Miss T’s Website.

Miss T is our miniature Schnauzer. She’s smart, sassy and has an attitude as big as Texas. You know the type.

She has quite the personality and we’re pretty sure she has an extensive vocabulary when it comes to understanding what we’re talking about. For example, let the word ‘walk’ come out of your mouth and the next thing you know she’s standing by the front door waiting to go out.

More than anything (with the possible exception of naps) she loves taking her humans for a walk. Except when it’s sweater weather… cold and/or raining. She’s not crazy about cold and she hates the rain. Thunder is probably her least favorite thing of all.

But she’s a little trouper. She braves the cold and takes us for our walks anyway. She knows how important it is that we get our steps in each day.

On a recent outing, the weather had turned chilly and Michele (one of Miss T’s humans) noticed that, in spite of being equipped with her built-in fur coat, Miss T was shivering after her walk.  Michele decided it might be time for a sweater. After all she’s 8 years old now and we all tend to become less tolerant of the cold as we grow older.

Michele started her search locally. Petsmart, Petco, etc. As luck would have it, she had to go to Marshall’s on a different mission and there were a couple of cute dog sweaters for small dogs on clearance.  So she grabbed them and brought them home. Miss T didn’t seem to mind having them on at all. (I think she was just humoring Michele.) Well, to be fair, she liked the ‘fox’ sweater but didn’t really care much for the ‘bear’ sweater. Seemed a little embarrassed by it actually. But she sucked it up and wore it anyway. Probably didn’t want to hurt Michele’s feelings.

If you don’t like the weather, wait 15 minutes…

The joke here in the Houston area is, if you don’t like the weather, just wait 15 minutes. It will change.  There’s more truth to that than you would imagine.

Sure enough, the next day it turned warm again. Too warm for a sweater. So we took it off of her and took her out for a walk. She immediately started scratching which was something she had been doing a lot of before it turned cool (and before the sweater). We had taken her to the vet a couple of weeks earlier about it, but aside from suggesting we give her small doses of Benadryl, they didn’t really have an answer other than… “Perhaps she’s allergic to something in the air outside or in the grass.”  Gee thanks.

Since it was too hot for the sweater, which seemed to prevent the scratching, we decided to try to find something that would be a bit more lightweight but just as effective at preventing the scratching. Michele found some t-shirts for dogs online at Amazon. The challenge was figuring out the right size to buy without actually getting to see the t-shirts. We went by their size chart but when the shirts showed up they were a bit too large.

Maybe We Can Help?

Which brings me to why we decided to do this website.

Shopping online is awesome. You can do it in your PJs, you can take as long as you like to decide and you don’t have to wait in line to check out. But what you can’t do is touch and feel what you’re buying. You can’t really judge size or quality.  Sure you can usually send it back but who wants to do that?

So, besides sharing her day to day experiences, she will occasionally evaluate different dog related items (sweaters, t-shirts, collars, leashes, etc) and give you her opinion of them. Or at least our interpretation of her opinion. So from time to time we’ll have her model the latest fashion we’ve found and let you see the results.

We Want To Help You To Help Your Small Dog

Depending on your age, shopping online may be as natural as breathing or if you’re like us, it may result in sweaty palms, shallow breathing and require the assistance of an adult beverage. Our hope is to give you enough information to allow you to make those online purchases for your small dog with a minimal amount of stress (and hopefully, no returns).

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and we will be more than happy to help you out.


All the best,

David, Michele and Miss T

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